On this page you will find some snake pictures. In those pictures where a snake is held, no harm was done to the snake. The snakes were subsequently set free into their natural habitat. For more information about venomous snakes, please visit the home site of this webpage.

You can find dozens of places with snake pictures. The best is actually image search results, Google’s snake images and Bing’s snake images. Both are compilations of photos from many snake sites with pictures.

Swimming Coral Snake

This coral snake was photographed swimming in Florida, USA. Coral snakes are rather small snakes with a very dangerous and venomous bite. However, because they are rather small, they might not be able to penetrate the skin of larger animals. This, and because they are only found in Florida, is also the reason why there are so few envenomations by coral snakes in the U.S.

The Feared King Cobra

The rumors about the king cobra are worse than the snake itself. Even though they are the largest venomous species on earth and can reach a size of 18 feet, they are often found in rainforests where there are very few people. And the snake itself prefers to stay away from humans. It is also a very alert snake that sees people before the people see it and hence tries to escape. The king cobra here is not very big. Please visit the video section for a larger specimen.

Western Rattlesnake

In the United States, the number of bites from rattlesnakes is increasing. Whether this is due to people spending more time in rattlesnake territory is unknown. Rattlesnakes see humans as gigantic predators, and usually they are only aggressive if they get scared. If threatened, they can strike up to two-thirds of their own length. In captivity, rattlesnakes are larger than in the wild, probably due to resource scarcity. If you see one, don’t kill it but leave it alone.

Intense Pain From Its Bite

Copperhead snakes are the venomous species in the U.S. that inflicts the most venomous bites across the country. Fortunately its venom is not very strong, and most people survive its bite without the use of antivenom. Occasionally a person or two dies from its bite. However, that is due to an allergic reaction as its venom is not strong. People also die from bee stings due to allergic reactions.

The Banded Krait

This snake is feared all over India and Pakistan because of the many deaths. Deaths from its bite are due to respiratory failure, and approximately seven percent of those bitten die from its venom.

Cottonmouth Snake’ Only Swallows Dead Animals

Although the cottonmouth is more venomous than its close sibling, the copperhead, bites from the cottonmouth do not usually result in deaths if you are the size of a human. The cottonmouth is characterized by its mouth, which is completely white inside. In contrast to many other snakes, the cottonmouth does not swallow its prey until it is completely dead. It usually holds the prey in its mouth until the prey dies from a combination of the venom and shock.

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