The types of wound one can aquire can be either chronic or not chronic. The pictures below are example of both chronic and not chronic wounds which has caused the patient a lot of pain. Some of the scars below are healed, some are not. Deaths from snake bites are relatively rare, but snake bites are not. It seem as if the number of people being bit by snakes is increasing while still the number of fatalities remains constant. Often necrosis will occur at the site of the bite. Necrosis is dead tissue and in its more active form, tissue that is beyond repair.


Snake bites are often accompanied by necrosis where the tissue around the site of the bite slowly dies. The picture below shows how widespread the necrosis can be in severe cases. It depends on how venomous the snake that caused the bite is.

Common symptoms from snake bites

The most common ways to realize that a snake has bit you is if you experience symptoms of:

  • swelling around the bite
  • nausea
  • vomiting

If you, after being discharged from the hospital, experience that your gums begins to bleed, pus around the wound or any sort of unusual bleeding, you should immediatly return to the hospital.

A snake bite wound days after the incident

The photo below show how a snake bite might look several days after the injury occured.


Amputation – the last resort

The worst case scenario is cases where no medical help is available. In such cases is might be necessary to perform an amputation. The kid below suffered from a snake bite and the doctors of his city had no other choice than to remove his left leg.

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