Some people living in areas with high populations of venomous snakes finds it useful to take measures to prevent snakes from entering into their homes and slither around in their gardens. Also, kids are curious and may not have the same respect for snakes as adults and may not flee when they encounter a snake.

Today, most snake traps are designed to hold onto any snake as it slithers over the trap. Baits are not used as bait traps has proved rather ineffective. Instead most traps are based on glue that holds onto the snake.

Success depends on the location of the trap and how it is set up. The trap must be placed a place the snake is likely to pass such as a place near an edge of some sort as snakes prefer to slither along edges.


The best option might be to catch the snake when you see it. A professional can do this and there are professional companies specializing in removing snakes from people’s backyards and taking appropriate measures (setting up snake traps) to prevent snakes from entering your home.

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