Which snake is the most poisonous in the world? The answer is not simple as there are many ways to consider how poisonous snakes really are. One way is to look at so-called LD50 numbers which are lethal dose numbers explaining which concentration of the poison kills fifty percent of a small population of mice.

Also, the word poisonous is a bit misleading. Instead of asking which snake is the most poisonous in the world it should rather be which snake is the most venomous in the world? Poison is what a venomous snakes injects into your body when bit, but the snake delivering the bite is venomous not poisonous. Poisonous as a word is more often used if you eat or drink something harmful to you.

Back to the snakes – poisonous, venomous or both.

If we look at LD50 numbers when the poison is injected just below the skin (subcutanous) the most venomous snakes are:

The most poisonous snake or venomous snake in the world is the:

Inland Taipan snake

This snake lives in the dry and arid regions of Australia. This is mainly central Australia. It is rather shy snake that avoids interactions with humans. The effect of its poison is respiratory paralysis causing suffocation in less than 45 minutes. It is often called the fierce snake due to its speed.

The second most poisonous snake or venomous snake in the world is the:

Eastern brown snake

The Eastern Brown snake or usually just the brown snake is native of Eastern Australia. As this is a well populated area of Australia numerous fatalities from Brown Snake bites have been reported. They can reach a length of 5 foot and their coloration varies quite a deal.

The third most poisonous snake or venomous snake in the world is the:

Dubois’s sea snake

This snake, the highly poisonous Dubois snake is found across the shores of Northern Australia. It is a sea snake that spends most of its time in the water searching for prey.

The fourth most poisonous snake or venomous snake in the world is the:

Yellow bellied or yellowbelly sea snake

This snake is native of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It requires a water temperature of minimum 16-18 degrees Celcius. They are not more than a couple of feet long.

The fifth most poisonous snake or venomous snake in the world is the:

Horned sea snake

Another sea snake. The horned sea snake is found in northern Australia and in Southern New Guinea. It has scales which look like horns around its eyes. For this it is sometimes also referred to as the eyelash snake. It only reaches a length of approx. 40 inches.

The nineteenth most poisonous snake or venomous snake in the world is the:

Black Mamba Snake

Even though this snake is only the 19th most poisonous snake in the world based on LD50 numbers, black mamba snakes are in fact one of the most dangerous snakes in the world. First of all, the black mamba is quite abundant in many regions of Africa. Secondly they inhabitate a wide variety of habitats including habitats where they encounter people from time to time. Thirdly they are known to be aggressive. If threathened they will defend themselves and they are very fast. About 50 percent of all bites by the black mamba on humans results in death. The name black mamba is a bit confusing. It is not a black snake it just has a black mouth.

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