Red and black is safe for Jack is the first thing that springs to mind when speaking about the kingsnake. Some king snakes (the Scarlet King Snake) looks very similar to the coral snake, although kingsnakes has their yellow band on them surrounded by black bands. The rhyme for the Coral Snake is if read touches yellow, kills a fellow. Kingsnakes are harmless and closely related to milk snakes, which are in fact king snakes.

Kingsnakes are called king snakes because of their habit of eating other snakes. The phenomenon is referred to as ophiophagy in the biological literature. King snakes are constrictors and non-venomous, and their preferred diet, besides other snakes, is rodents, frogs, birds and their offspring (also as eggs.).

Kingsnakes are curious and makes an excellent pet. They should be fed with dead rodents to avoid them being damaged by the rodents teeth.

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