By Anders Nielsen, Ph.d.

The Boomslang Snake is a long and slender tree snake, and one of the longest snakes in Africa. It is perfectly camouflaged to hunt in trees with its greenish color. Most boomslangs will reach a length og 1-1.5 meters, the longest reaches lengths of 2 meter.

They can be found all the way from South Africa to a line from Senegal all the way to Eritrea. They are snake and will almost always try to escape before anyone gets injured. However, they will defend themselves if grabbed.

Almost all bites by boomslangs are too biologist and herpetologist that want to capture them.

Bites by boomslangs can be a bit tricking, as the major effect caused by the venom, bleeding, usually occurs 1-4 days after the bite. Envenomation has shown to have taken place even though the bite just look like a minor scratch. However, all bites are followed by pain and vomiting is very common from two hours after the bite and on.


Luckily, most bites from boomslang do not lead to fatalities, but victim’s of its bite should be monitored closely.

Both videos below shows a Boomslang capturing and eating a Chameleon.

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